The Creativity Studio here at Jackson was recently given a facelift.  The space has been reorganized to better fit our large classes. Materials and supplies have been added using funds from the auction in 2012 and from a recent grant from Chevron through 
The kinders really enjoyed exploring this really “cool”,
new-to-them technology: the overhead projector! They were fascinated with the light source, projection, and exploring the basic geometric shapes we have been using in class. This time the shapes were transparent and made some awesome pictures on the wall! Of course they had to watch their shadows dancing on the walls too! - Mrs. Z

On my last trip to the art studio, it was for an extra credit project on China.  Students that were ahead in their work were allowed to choose a famous building from Chinese history and create a model using some of the materials from the Art Studio.  To make the model you could use any materials (within reason) in the art studio.  My group used clay and wood cookies.
Once the model was finished, we were to research the building and put together a presentation for our class.  It was really fun and I'd like to thank the PTA for our magnificent Art Studio.
-Sophia, 6th Grade Student
First graders in Mrs. Boyer's class were delighted to discover a tower left behind by other students.  They worked to see if they could get it higher.  They talked a lot about balance and making it stable.  These students created signs to protect their tower.